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Process For Working With Our Clients

Our goal at Kitchen Connections is to generate lasting relationships with our clients by building trust through clear and open communications, supporting the completion high-quality work on time and within budget. This document outlines the way we work with our clients.

First Contact: We Will Provide You With the Following:

· An overview of our history, work completed, and awards.
· The process we follow to help you complete your project.
· Our professional credentials and liability coverage.

First Contact: You Will Provide Us With the Following:

· The objective for your project; scope of work.
· Your budget
· Clarification around the style objectives you are trying to achieve
· Timing for completion of work.
· Other lifestyle considerations which this project will support.
· Complete contact information for you, including telephone numbers, physical address, and email address.
· Preferred means and times to make contact with you as required.

The first contact is a no-cost, complementary consultation, usually by phone, but may be by other means, or venues.

Second Contact: On Premises Meeting, 60 to 90 Minutes:

· Gain complete understanding as to the nature of your project.
· Gain further understanding as to your preferences for style of décor.
· Gain a feel for structural issues, if any.
· Ensure that you understand our work process.
· Gain a go/no-go decision from the client.

The second contact is a no-cost, complementary consultation, usually by phone, but may be completed by other means, or venues.

If you are prepared to move forward Kitchen Connections will collect the engagement fee of $1000.00, (good faith money) which is credited to the total cost of the project.  If you are not prepared to contract with KC, but wish to have further discussion leading to a go/no go decision, “additional meetings” may be scheduled, up to 60 minutes each, for which you will be billed $50.00 for each meeting.  If you eventually contract with KC to complete you project, those “additional meeting” will be credited to the cost of your project when an agreement is signed.